Hello everyone!

I’m Darci and I’m the creator behind Leaf & Pollen! Here’s a little bit about me and what I do:

I am a coffee-fueled visual and graphic artist in Arizona that will experiment with practically anything that I can get my hands on. I have a love for many mediums – graphic design, traditional visual art, fiber art, fabrication, photography and recently electronics – and I have an even bigger love for combining them!

I grew up in Washington state in a small farm town called Kittitas (I’m guessing you’ve never heard of it – that’s okay, I’m not offended) where life was pretty simple and hard-work, family and love was what mattered. I loved being outdoors, playing in the dirt, being around animals, and reading books.

I moved to Arizona when I was 14 and I currently live in the Phoenix area. However, my dream is to get out of the heat so I’m inching my way back up north – starting first with Flagstaff and eventually out of Arizona! I live with my wonderful girlfriend (we’re practically inseparable), our Belgian Malinois Kiyah and our bearded dragon Hook. Much of my inspiration for my art comes from nature so we spend a lot of our free time hiking and exploring the surprisingly diverse landscape of Arizona. If I’m not out in nature, I’m most likely creating something new, giving back to my community, reading a good book, trying a new gluten free recipe or spending time with my family and friends.

Let’s create something awesome!